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Affiches Le Petit Prince

Posters The Little Prince

It was in New York, in 1943, and under the guise of an illustrated story for children, that Saint-Exupéry published his major work.

The Little Prince, this child without a first name who has nevertheless become so familiar who, through his encounters and his questions, delivers us messages, deep, intense, universal. And this is where all of Saint-Exupéry's talent lies: to capture us, to seduce us, to move us, to be read and transmitted across time, space, and generations. No other story in the world has accomplished such a feat! This child has spoken to all of us and continues to do so, on behalf of all those who are not being listened to.

The illustrations of the Little Prince, of great simplicity and purity, seem to be the very essence of the words. Through our posters, we want to share with you all their power of wonder.

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The Little Prince Poster

A poetic and philosophical work, The Little Prince is also an unprecedented publishing phenomenon: in France, the work will in fact sell more than 12 million copies. The Little Prince is, in this way, the most translated book in the world, after the Bible.

If of course the story of the Little Prince remains engraved in the memories of many children, it is also the illustrations that remain in our adult minds! Today, in fact, the watercolors ofSaint-Exupéryare fully part of the collective unconscious: we all have in mindthe image of the Little Prince, in his plane, sailing in a sky studded with stars.

oneart has chosen to continue to amaze you by offering you a selection of the most beautifulposters of the Little Prince.

Be amazed by choosing your Little Prince poster

The Little Prince was born in the mind ofby Antoine de Saint-Exupéryduring his numerous travels. For years, the author also scribbled sketches of the little man whose story he was imagining in notebooks. It is therefore the watercolors of Saint-Exupéry himself that we will then find in the original work. All are associated with a travel story or images engraved in the author's mind.Foxfor example is directly inspired by a fennec that Saint-Exupéry tamed during a stay in Mauritania. To illustrate his tale, Saint-Exupéry chose soft pastel colors which bring even more tenderness to the work. All these illustrations that rocked your childhood, you can find them in art editions from oneart. For each image, discover the passage of the story through a quote taken directly from the original text. Yourposter of the Little Princewill wonderfully enhance the living room or office, but also of course the bedroom of little ones who are just discovering this fabulous story.

Why choose your Little Prince poster from oneart?

THEposters of the Little Princeselected by us are taken directly from the official license associated with the work ofSaint-Exupéry. These are authentic illustrations: as evidenced by the dry stamp that you will find at the bottom of each poster printed by oneart.

Each of the illustrations in our Little Prince collection is an art edition printed on Hahnemühle white photo paper or cream laid paper, in our workshop based in Fontainebleau. To limit our stocks and to produce only according to your needs, the posters we offer are printed to order.

Of course, find the essential themes of the tale and the most famous illustrations:Fox,the plane,the stars,the planet, it's up to you to choose your favorite image and the one that most marked your childhood world! Please note that our selection also honors contemporary interiors with our blue white heart collection inspired by the cyanotype technique, as poetic as it is delicate. Do not hesitate to choose the format of your poster, we offer several dimensions that you can adapt according to the decor you want to obtain. We of course adapt our delivery packaging according to your order (envelope or tube).